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Introduction To Sand Casting Workshop - MELBOURNE 25th & 26th May

Introduction To Sand Casting Workshop - MELBOURNE 25th & 26th May

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UPDATE I have opened up another workshop on the 26th 

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of sand casting and walk away with the knowledge to set up your own space and cast objects with confidence. 

What will be covered in this workshop?

- Tools and equipment needed

- What can be sand cast

- Creating the mould and making sure it is set up correctly to get a successful cast

- Metal and how much to use

- What gemstones are suitable for casting in place

- Casting process

- Finishing the piece off 


What you will make?

1 A ring with gemstones cast in place

2 Pendant with or without gemstones there will be a variety of objects to choose from or you can bring own item

3 The third item you will have the freedom to create what ever you want this could be a ring, pendant or an object that you bring


You are welcome to bring your own metal, gemstones and items to sand cast such as a ring, shell, coffee bean etc

Metal that is suitable to bring is sterling silver or gold. Please make sure that these items are solid sterling silver or gold. 

Gemstones that are suitable to cast are 7.5 or higher on the MOHs scale of hardness such as sapphires, rubies, diamonds, lab grown gemstones and rough gemstones. Please note some gemstones may crack or be damaged by this process.

Objects that are suitable to cast are rings that you already have any small hard object such as a shell, coffee bean, lego and pretty much any small hard object. Just remember the biger the item the heavier it will be!



30 grams sterling silver - there is the option to purchase more on the day

Selection of colourful lab grown gemstones to choose from 

List of tools and equipment


If you have any questions about what is suitable to cast or you have your own metal please email


Please note

A minimum of 4 people are required for this workshop to go ahead 


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